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Le Carousel,The Louvre, Paris, France

 My horse sculptures have literally trotted around the world.  They have been shown and bought in places like Paris, France, when in 2007,  I presented my horses at The Louvre.  They then were invited to appear at the Galeria d'Arte Mentana in  Florence, Italy,  off to Los Angeles, and New York at the prestigious Hampton Classic, Florida, Quebec and Montreal, Canada.  They have won numerous awards and are sought after by the galleries.  Below in "archives", you can see some of my personal favorite horse sculptures.  There are many more, I could not show them all.

Cheval de Fantaisie, SOLD, Raku and Metal, 16" x 17" x 4"
Fou des Chevaux, Raku, 10" x 4" x 4"
Ben, Raku, 17" x 17" x 6"
10" x 14" x 4", Raku fired ceramic, available at Le Balcon D'Art, St. Lambert, Quebec, Canada
Run, Run, Run, ceramic, Raku, and metal 20" x 16" x 6"

 S C U L P T U R E S   A R C H I V E S

Pisces major, Raku SOLD
Zebra, Raku and metal, SOLD
No. 2 Raku SOLD
Ocean, Raku SOLD
Flash, Commercial glazes SOLD
No. 1 Raku, SOLD
Mercury, Raku, SOLD
Tired Toby, enfummage SOLD
Created by Ursula Kofahl Lampron